Monday, November 9, 2009


We're still working on plans to improve our master bath, so today the Box and I went to Gipe's Flooring to check on details of the tiling that will go around the shower. I'll need to strip off the wallpaper and do some painting before the tile goes up. I'll also need to call the plumber to get the fixtures removed before the tile and the new flooring goes in.

I want to conserve water, so I looked for a hand-held fixture for the shower at the Hajoca showroom in south Harrisburg . It can be placed high enough on the wall that I can actually get under it instead of staring it in the eye.

Also, the newer "water closets" have more powerful disposal force while using less water. A very pleasant sales woman ably explained the features of several products.

For the moment, I plan to keep the present vanity, painting it black, adding new hardware and china sink top. To raise the height, I'll ask a local carpenter to make a frame (also painted black) on which it can sit. It will be nice to not have to practically fall into the sink to get my face close enough to rinse.

We also need new lighting, so I stopped at the lighting supply store and looked for sconces for either side of the sink mirror. I really did not see anything I liked. What I did like was a spectacular -- and admittedly a bit tacky -- crystal fixture obviously made to hand from a high ceiling, as in a two-story foyer or casino ballroom. It would fit in the bathroom, but no one could get in past it!

Hopefully all of the work can be done sometime after the first of the new year.

Oh, by the way, I wish lighting places would take pity on the poor tall customers who have to thread their way through the low-hanging chandeliers and all the price tags hanging even lower. They should build their stores with higher ceilings!

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