Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yesterday our little silver friend hauled us over to Trindle Road for our quarterly meeting with our financial advisors at Waddell and Reed, and we found out we're rich! Not! They're such a nice group of people that we always enjoy seeing them, even when they tell us we've been wiped out by the stock market crash.

Later in the evening we were to attend a retirement program for our friend David, who will soon complete his 40 years as a teacher and school superintendent. So we decided to go through the city and find a nice place to eat. I recalled a relatively new place called Nonna's at 263 Reily Street, opposite the Riley, also known as the Midtown Cinema.

Susanne had a delicious sandwich and I tried the eggplant parmesan, the dish I always have to judge Italian food. Both items were really tasty and generous. Susanne and I shared the salad that came with my entrĂ©e, and I took home some of the pasta that came with the eggplant. We resisted the desserts (in particular the chocolate-covered cannolis).

The place is modest but attractive with a varied menu. There's an overhead door that opens up the place in warm weather. It's very near to the Harrisburg Area Community College's new midtown campus, and I bet it is a popular place for all the flavored coffees that students enjoy. They even gave us a "Midtown Passport" to earn some dollars usable in the shops and other businesses sprouting up in this part of town.

After dinner we drove past the newly-restored and newly-constructed buildings at Third and Reily, headed home to change shirts (I should never order anything with tomato sauce!), and then went to David's program, which was a very touching tribute to his service to Susquehanna Township. Naturally, the Box performed as expected.

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