Sunday, November 22, 2009


Yesterday I had a very nice time "greeting" for Charter Homes in its Winslett neighborhood on Linglestown Road, just minutes from my house. Up til now, I have been greeting in a neighborhood near Hummelstown and Hershey.

The model is a beautifully decorated four bedroom home with a great solarium. (See photo below, left.) What I like about Charter Homes is that all the spaces make sense and the finishes are never over the top and, dare I say it, sort of vulgar because they are just too much! You've seen houses like that.

The greeter welcomes visitors and provides a bit of information on the neighborhood. The primary job is to make the visitors feel at home and then give the neighborhood manager what he or she needs to contact them. I even made coffee and baked cookies to give the place a delicious aroma.

Traffic has been slow, so I was happy to welcome two visitors, both of whom were very enthusiastic about the house. Oh, and Susanne stopped by. I think she wants to move there! And there is not even a screened porch!

The house has speakers in every room, so you can enjoy your favorite radio station (NPR?) no matter where you go. There's also a gas fireplace in the family room, something I could enjoy when Susanne turns the thermostat down to 35 or 40 degrees at night.

The Box seemed to be watching me all day, as I could see a reflection of it every time I looked up from the desk where I was sitting. (See picture, right.)

The manager, Neddie, was very kind to give me a chance at this new place, and I hope she calls again. It is a very pleasant place to be.

Here are some additional photos from Winslett:

 The dining room.

The family room.

The kitchen.

  The master bedroom (er, "owner's retreat")
has a cool coffered ceiling.

It was dark already when I left at 6:00 p.m.

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