Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is not your usual post, but I could not resist showing you a new Scion that will be appearing in the U.S. in 2011.

Here are some quotes about this cousin to the Box:

"The 2011 Scion iQ will go on sale early next year, and will feature a length of just 120.1 inches. That's about two feet less than a Mini Cooper, or just over a foot longer than a Smart ForTwo."

"Microcars have often been the butt of jokes for Americans whose butts wouldn't necessarily fit inside. But energy enlightenment is changing those views, and Scion's buff young buyers can try the iQ on for size when it goes on sale early next year."

I guess I'd better hurry up and get buff! Well, there's always the 2020 model....

"In an overall length of 120 inches, the Scion has a rear air bag, compact air-conditioning unit, electronic steering and a gas tank mounted under the floor. We'll believe it when we see it, but Toyota swears that iQ can hold four people. Well, three and half -- since the fourth is thought to be a kid or dog that can squeeze in behind the driver."

Pros and Cons
  • Seats four -- more than some other micro cars
  • Comes with 10 airbags
  • Small, city-friendly design
  • Fuel economy can't match the competition
  • May be uncomfortable for four people

Left: Here's one last "box-like" car, a British vehicle called the t.25, made to move around in crowded cities. Can you imagine getting in and out of it?

So we don't hurt the Box's feelings, here's a quote about the 2004 model that is the subject of this blog:

"What we've got here is an ultra-practical mini-hatch that's easy to drive, easy to afford and easy to love. Best of all, it's a Toyota, which means with proper care it'll last practically forever. And if the shape looks awkward, trust me, it grows on you. Besides, it's easy to find in crowded parking lots! If your list of new-car must-haves includes economy, quality, and practicality, make sure you check out the Scion Box. I mean x-Box. Er, xB."

Don't worry, dear Mr. Box. You have plenty of miles left on you. And I have promised you to my grandson Cole when he turns 16. That's only nine more years and 90,000 miles of filling this blog with adventures.

    Thursday, June 17, 2010


    There is a delightful couple with a half dozen grandchildren in Annville, Lebanon County, who have taken three French kids so far into their home. This year they agreed to take two more, so I hopped into the Box and drove east to Annville to get their signatures on the application form. They are just the best, and I feel honored that they participate each year.

    While on my way home, I stopped at the Annville antiques mall and spent an hour or so looking at all the "junque." There was some Lesterware, some of which looked very much like pieces in my collection, so I was glad to see the high prices on them! There were one or two other redware pieces by local potters, and some antique "turk's head" molds, too.

    Frankly, there was not much there I'd go for. Except....I have been wanting a low foot stool on which to rest my feet when I sit on the side of the new bed -- it's so far off the floor that my feet just dangle! It's hard to balance and put my socks on! Well, this is just the right height. All I need to do is paint it black. Here are some other things that caught my eye in the antiques mall. Don't ask me why.

    A simple slip-trailed plate by Breininger Pottery.

    A small collection of Lesterware.

    A chalk model of Drake Well serves as a coin bank.

    An Amish family in iron walks past an old photo.

    With this old pew and reed organ, I could start my own church.

    I sometimes like a little glitter, and these shiny ornaments
    caught my eye.

    This pooch reminded me of daughter Sarah's
    two Boston terriers.

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010


    Our grandson Cole turned seven this past weekend, so we hot-footed it out to New Brighton for the festivities. We got there Friday night and had a nice dinner and evening.

    In the morning, I got the job of picking up the ice cream cake at Dairy Queen in Rochester. Of course, it was not ready, so I was forced to enjoy a (free) chocolate cone while I waited. I rushed the cake, which sported a Darth Vader picture but no birthday greeting, back home and into the freezer.

    By then it was time to run to Beaver to pick up the pizzas that had been ordered. There was some sort of arts festival in the town square, so it was a slow go. Eventually, I got to the other side of town and stowed the pies away in the trunk of the Box for transport back to Party Central.

    I found Cole surrounded by family and friends, there to wish him a happy seventh. The kids are always well behaved, and there was more pandemonium from the adults than from the children. Once the pizza was devoured, the ice cream cake appeared to the singing of "Happy Birthday." (Watch the actual video.) It seems that Cole's little friend Andy considers it his job to blow out any and all birthday candles, so he had to be carefully watched. While it is not shown, he does make a foiled attempt!

    Soon the gift opening took place, with many nice gifts and a number of Target gift cards to be used to purchase Legos toys of the Star Wars type.

    After Sarah distributed the party favors, the kids spent a short time of play in the front yard before heading home.

    On Sunday, Sarah and Susanne did some grocery shopping, and then, exhausted by the rigors of party-going, Susanne and I headed home, enjoying a stop at Bob Evans in Breezewood for a meal.

    Here are pictures of the week-end's goings-on:

    We saw these delicious cherries at the
    turnpike farmers market.
    It was great to see that our new widescreen
    television set was being shipped to us at home
    via the turnpike.

    Sarah had mowed the lawn and was using
    the blower when we arrived.

    We were greeted by the festive color that
    Sarah had painted our old church pew.

    Chloe was soon busy playing in the sand and water table.

    Cole and I played Parcheesi while Phoebe looked on.

    I tried to block Cole from advancing,
    but he won the game anyway.

    Chloe took her turn at whooping Papi.

    Then she did her Marilyn Monroe impersonation
    over the air conditioning vent.
    The birthday cake had taken shape
    at the Rochester Dairy Queen.

    The girls have their own table.

    And so do the boys.

    Afterwards, the adults take a breather
    on the new old pew.

    The kids sit for the official birthday portrait.

    Summing up the day's fun, Cole goes mad for
    his $2 bill from Guy and Lindsay.