Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is not your usual post, but I could not resist showing you a new Scion that will be appearing in the U.S. in 2011.

Here are some quotes about this cousin to the Box:

"The 2011 Scion iQ will go on sale early next year, and will feature a length of just 120.1 inches. That's about two feet less than a Mini Cooper, or just over a foot longer than a Smart ForTwo."

"Microcars have often been the butt of jokes for Americans whose butts wouldn't necessarily fit inside. But energy enlightenment is changing those views, and Scion's buff young buyers can try the iQ on for size when it goes on sale early next year."

I guess I'd better hurry up and get buff! Well, there's always the 2020 model....

"In an overall length of 120 inches, the Scion has a rear air bag, compact air-conditioning unit, electronic steering and a gas tank mounted under the floor. We'll believe it when we see it, but Toyota swears that iQ can hold four people. Well, three and half -- since the fourth is thought to be a kid or dog that can squeeze in behind the driver."

Pros and Cons
  • Seats four -- more than some other micro cars
  • Comes with 10 airbags
  • Small, city-friendly design
  • Fuel economy can't match the competition
  • May be uncomfortable for four people

Left: Here's one last "box-like" car, a British vehicle called the t.25, made to move around in crowded cities. Can you imagine getting in and out of it?

So we don't hurt the Box's feelings, here's a quote about the 2004 model that is the subject of this blog:

"What we've got here is an ultra-practical mini-hatch that's easy to drive, easy to afford and easy to love. Best of all, it's a Toyota, which means with proper care it'll last practically forever. And if the shape looks awkward, trust me, it grows on you. Besides, it's easy to find in crowded parking lots! If your list of new-car must-haves includes economy, quality, and practicality, make sure you check out the Scion Box. I mean x-Box. Er, xB."

Don't worry, dear Mr. Box. You have plenty of miles left on you. And I have promised you to my grandson Cole when he turns 16. That's only nine more years and 90,000 miles of filling this blog with adventures.

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