Thursday, June 17, 2010


There is a delightful couple with a half dozen grandchildren in Annville, Lebanon County, who have taken three French kids so far into their home. This year they agreed to take two more, so I hopped into the Box and drove east to Annville to get their signatures on the application form. They are just the best, and I feel honored that they participate each year.

While on my way home, I stopped at the Annville antiques mall and spent an hour or so looking at all the "junque." There was some Lesterware, some of which looked very much like pieces in my collection, so I was glad to see the high prices on them! There were one or two other redware pieces by local potters, and some antique "turk's head" molds, too.

Frankly, there was not much there I'd go for. Except....I have been wanting a low foot stool on which to rest my feet when I sit on the side of the new bed -- it's so far off the floor that my feet just dangle! It's hard to balance and put my socks on! Well, this is just the right height. All I need to do is paint it black. Here are some other things that caught my eye in the antiques mall. Don't ask me why.

A simple slip-trailed plate by Breininger Pottery.

A small collection of Lesterware.

A chalk model of Drake Well serves as a coin bank.

An Amish family in iron walks past an old photo.

With this old pew and reed organ, I could start my own church.

I sometimes like a little glitter, and these shiny ornaments
caught my eye.

This pooch reminded me of daughter Sarah's
two Boston terriers.

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