Saturday, November 7, 2009


Matt and Marylee and Ian came from Baltimore to visit yesterday. Then M&M continued on to State College to spend some time with friends and go to the Ohio State game today. Susanne and I had the pleasure of spending the evening and all day today with Ian.

I was asked to come to Hummelstown/Hershey for a couple of hours today to greet in Charter Homes' Deer Run neighborhood while the manager went to see her daughter perform with a dance team. There were two visitors today, and I enjoyed showing them the house. The Box kept watch from the other side of the street, where another builder is working on some townhouses.

When I got home around 2:30 p.m., I enjoyed reading to Ian and watching him keep busy. He talks an unknown language almost non-stop, and has fun with all his toys and books and a lot of stuff dragged up from the basement that were fun for Sarah's kids Cole and Chloe when they were little. There's a stove and sink combination that was Sarah's as a child, and all the kids have loved playing "Iron Chef" with it.

My sister Rachel came over to see Ian and gave him a joy ride in a cloth bag, which he enjoyed immensely. She read a new book she brought for him and gave him a pink stuffed pig.

Susanne made a delicious mushroom frittata for dinner. Ian enjoyed some cereal and dried fruit, then played a little, read some more books, and went straight to bed without so much as a whimper.

Here are some other pictures of Ian's visit:

The cat's in the bag!

Welcome home, Papi.

Ian and Meemaw in the bullrushes.

A quick read before bedtime.

Back in yet another bag for sleeping.

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