Thursday, September 17, 2009


On Wednesday evening, Susanne directed the Box (via back seat driving) up the broad boulevard from Stone Harbor to Avalon, where she was anxious to share a favorite dining place.

Along the way we saw millions of dollars in vinyl-clad and -railinged beach houses, interspersed with older, smaller, and only a little less expensive ranches and cottages.

I felt sorry for them. One of these days they will be swallowed up by a bigger and newer house. Apparently, Avalon is the resort of choice of wealthy Philadelphia residents.

The restaurant was closed (just like the one Susanne had chosen for lunch) since all the beach lovers had gone back home after Labor Day. We found a place nearby with a nice interior but only adequate food. In its favor, the rest rooms were spectacular!

Still craving something sweet and a little window shopping, we headed back to Stone Harbor and parked across from the movie theatre, toured the shops, watched some dazzling candy making, and stopped at Springer's Ice Cream for what may have been the best ice cream I've ever had.

Then we headed back to the motel, enjoying the night breeze in its central courtyard as we pulled up, said goodnight and 'lights out' to the Box, and headed indoors to watch some liberals on television.

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