Thursday, September 17, 2009


While Susanne enjoyed the solitude of the beach, the Box and I
headed south to see what civilization had brought forth at the far end of the island.
It was interesting to see all the flat wetlands, with houses on stilts and boats tied to the back porch, and white egrets standing about looking pretty much at home.

There were also several toll bridges to be crossed. For the first one, I had only a $20 bill, so I got $18 change -- in ones!

In Cape May, the first place that caught my attention somehow seemed appropriate for someone who writes about riding around in a silver Box. Morrow's Nut House has been on the boardwalk there since 1956, so I dare say there have been a lot crazier nuts that have gone through there.

Right across the street from Morrow's was a famous row of seaside Victorian villas, a great example of historic preservation. Two that caught my eye were not exactly Victorian, but perhaps a little later, I'd say "Colonial Revival" in style, but then what do I know.

The one on the left was being painted inside and out, from the look of things, with the painters running around like busy bees. I managed to get at least one picture without them.

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