Thursday, September 17, 2009


Yesterday, the Box whisked Susanne and me down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, onto the Atlantic City Expressway, south on the Garden State Expressway, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean at Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

We met our friends Debbie and Bill Bavington for lunch. They are staying in Ocean City and were poking around Stone Harbor when we got there.

Susanne wanted to see and feel her beloved waves and wind one more time this year. She spent the afternoon in her beach chair with her favorite book while I drove around the region seeing the sights.

We stayed at a lovely small motel called the Colonial Lodge, just two blocks from the Atlantic.

Stone Harbor has the distinction of being 47th in a list of the richest zip codes in the U.S., based on median home sales price of $1,320.050. It must hold some sort of record for vinyl trim and railings, too. (Our beachside villa is under contruction as we speak.)

I noticed that the Box now gives a little "start" when spotting another Scion, something perhaps akin to hyperventilating.

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