Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Art and antiques called us, so we headed south beyond York to Shrewsbury, just north of the Maryland line.

Our first stop was for lunch at the Mason-Dixon Restaurant, just south of the town center. It was a great little place in a strip mall and had plenty of parking for the Box. The sandwiches and salads were fresh and tasty. We even got treated to an impromptu floor show from one of the waiters. (He didn't know we were watching!)

Next came a stop at a fine antiques shop on Main Street to buy some quilt squares and then a sprint across the street to the John Stevens Gallery, where we watched the artist put a few strokes onto a new painting and admired dozens of other prints.

With only a half hour left, we hustled to the Shrewsbury Antique Center, where Susanne managed to find two more tin pieces for her collection of strainers, drainers, and colanders.

With only a few raindrops falling, we made our way up the back road through York to I-83 and home.

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