Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wil in the workshop
Last night the Box fulfilled the long-held wish of a friend of mine from the church choir. He thinks the Box is cute but weird, which, of course, it is. My friend's name is Wilmer, and some time ago I promised him a ride in the container-on-wheels.

Since we were both going to a mutual friend's house in Mechanicsburg to get assistance in making labels for some CDs, I called Wil and asked him to ride along with me to Lee's house. I picked up Wil in Harrisburg, and we crossed the river, drove through the Camp Hill by-pass and then turned right on Trindle Road.

We passed historic Peace Church, marveling at its sturdy construction and the beauty of its interior. We also admired the handsome town houses in Mechanicsburg's historic district as we drove through town.

Lee demonstrates a harp he built.
Soon we arrived at Lee's in-town plantation. The manor house faces the street, and behind it is a delightful wood-shingle-roofed carriage house, over which is Lee's impressive woodshop. He gave us a tour, where we saw several harps he has made.

Next in line is the large garden, already giving forth asparagus that Lee describes as being "like candy." Finally, on the other side of a small lane is the guest house, a little white cottage that Lee has transformed into a comfortable place for visitors and family to stay during visits. A musical group Lee is in rehearses there, too. Lee is currently building a deck on the back of that house, "just for something to do," as he puts it. The guy is amazing.

Lee has computer equipment for printing labels on CDs, so Wil and I were there to enlist his aid. I wanted to do some labels for CDs of a Powerpoint presentation on the history of Market Square Church's buildings that I had produced for showing to audiences at the church and at the Historical Society of Dauphin County. Both the pastor, who narrated at the two presentations, and I thought it would be good to have copies for the church library and to use at new member orientations. Perhaps some church members might like to have a copy, too. Thus the need for labels.

Lee makes a call for help.
Apparently, the photo I provided was not in the right format, and in spite of Lee's valiant efforts, only Wil went away with a finished product. Lee promised to try again, and I have no doubt he will be successful sooner or later.

As the sun set, Wil and I piled into the Box and headed home. I was able to show him the snazzy lighting system under the seats of the Box, but stupidly failed to show the rotating colors on the dial when you turn on the radio! The poor guy will have to ride again -- after dark, of course.

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