Monday, April 18, 2011


Susanne and Wanda.
This morning Susanne and I jumped into the Box and zipped up Rt. 322 to Dauphin to help my sister-in-law Wanda (who is vertically challenged) to take down old curtains and try new ones in her living room.

Of course, on the way we had to stop at Dunkin Donuts on Rt. 39 for Susanne's favorite brew, blueberry coffee with cream. Driving through old town Linglestown, I made a little video of the latest improvements to the town center, including roadway, curbs, sidewalks, lighting, and roundabouts.

Following the scent of donuts swimming in grease, we arrived at DD. We went through the drive-through, but being only a few feet from the donut trays inside, I swear I felt my blood sugar rising.

We rode along the Susquehanna, noting how high it was after several days of rain. We saw the replica of the Statue of Liberty that has stood on an old bridge pier for several years, created by local residents. Then we entered the concrete canyon that is 322 bypassing Dauphin. We missed the exit and had to go to the next one and double back, finally arriving at Wanda's street, a pleasant and quiet street of well-kept homes.

We were greeted by Wanda and her neighbor, who were chatting on the back deck, and by Abby, the cutest little white-haired lady I know. We surveyed the big back yard and what was popping up from the ground now that spring is here. Wanda pointed out a tree in the woods at the end of the yard that had fallen over just as she was looking at it. I wonder if she can bend spoons, too.

A few backyards down the street, we could see some sheep standing around in a group. The emus that live in the field next door were nowhere to be seen.

We helped Wanda remove the old curtains and put up some new ones for evaluation. The verdict? Yep, they look great, let's keep 'em. Wanda even took a walk out front to see how they looked from the street. Tomorrow she plans to ask the local peeping Tom how they look at night.

Sheep in the field. Click to enlarge.
By now it was after noon, and we took our leave so I could take Susanne home and get ready for a trip to Mechanicsburg in the Box-turned-LECmobile to meet with a family who wants to host a French student this summer. It was a very positive interview, and afterwards I rushed home to meet my friend Jesse, who came by to dig out some hosta and lamb's ear for his flower beds. There was plenty of each left in the ground, and Jesse should have enough to divide and subdivide for years to come, until his house is consumed by the plants.

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