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Flower display at Market Square Church
On Sunday, Easter Day, I started the day with a rehearsal at 10:00 a.m. with the choir and brass ensemble at Market Square Church. We sang through the Easter music we had prepared for several weeks and made some last-minute corrections and improvements. I guess we like to make our director, Eric, sweat it out until the last minute, when we generally turn in a top-notch performance. Easter was no exception. Of course, Eric's organ playing is quite exceptional and makes everything more interesting and exciting.

At the end of the service, I rushed down the narrow old stairs from the choir gallery (as opposed to the wide new stairs) so I could listen to the postlude as the congregation hears it. The choir is surrounded by the organ, and it's sort of like a marching band in a parade -- you hear the instruments closest to you as they pass. So I heard the pipes closest -- and even felt the air blowing through them onto the back of my neck!

My sister Rachel had placed a flower in the church in honor of me and Susanne and invited me to choose one of the many on display to take home. I knew Susanne would like the pink hydrangea to add to the other four we have on the side of the house.  As predicted, she was delighted. Many thanks to Rachel for this lovely gift.

Organ and brass play the postlude.
After church, Rachel and I stopped at Mickey D's, as usual, to grab a bite to eat and catch up (get it, ketchup) on the latest news. Then I headed for home and goofed off until it was time to leave for Baltimore, well, Perry Hall, where Matt, Marylee, and Ian awaited.

Ian was napping when we got there. We chatted until he woke up, cranky as all get out, and then ordered the traditional Easter meal of pizza, plain and pepperoni. Yum. Oh, and bread sticks. Ian wolfed down two slices. I guess napping really takes it out of you!

Ian's first games of Chutes...
We spent the evening together and stayed over. Ian had received the classic children's game "Chutes and Ladders" for Easter, and during the evening he and I played his first game. Like most kids, he was anxious to climb the ladders, but he didn't seem to mind sliding down the chutes, either. It was  fun to observe him joining the zillions of kids who have played this no-reading-required game.

Pat's famous cake
Marylee and Matt turned in early, so Susanne and I watch some TV and enjoyed some of the goodies Marylee's mom Pat had sent for us from their family Easter luncheon. Of course, my favorite was her legendary coconut cake. A large slice kept calling to me from under the aluminum foil wrapper on the kitchen country. (Remember when we called that stuff "tin foil"?) Susanne enjoyed a bite and then moved on to the chocolate items.

Bagels for sale
In the morning I made a run to Dunkin Donuts so Susanne could have her favorite sesame bagel with light veggie spread and blueberry coffee. We had already said good-bye to Matt, who was off to work, and a short time later to Marylee and Ian, who were heading to work and school. Ian actually held still long enough to give me a hug good-bye! He is usually like greased lightning.

Before heading home, Susanne cut some lilacs from one of of the lilac bushes outside. We did some shopping at Ikea and then Pottery Barn and after that Crate and Barrel, looking for something, but I forget what. My aching feet had taken over my brain by then, and I was not fully conscious.

Little lights from IKEA
The real thing

Oh, now I remember -- Susanne bought two small sisal-type rugs for the summer, as well as some "natural" color throws for the living room (for those chilly summer nights). My purchase was some little white "domes" that light up and which you can place anywhere for a little "sparkle." I thought they would look cool spread around the porch on a summer evening. They look like little Eskimo igloos where, like Motel 6, they have left the light on for you.

The Easter hydrangea from Rachel

 Uh oh, here comes bicycle boy.

Tour de Living Room.

Next it's on to the train set-up.

 Pizza time!

Ian chooses his marker for "Chutes and Ladders."

 Getting set up takes a moment.

 Ian constructs the rest of the markers.

 One last blueberry lollipop for the day.

Susanne cut some lilacs from the backyard at Matt and Marylee's.

 First stop: IKEA

 We liked this color combination at
Crate and Barrel in Towson Town Centre.

 A drum lamp shade might be good over our new island.
 When I first saw this toaster, I thought the Box had
followed us into Crate and Barrel.

 A colorful display.

On the way home we stopped for lunch next door
to this Masonic Temple in Shrewsbury, Pa. I am 
wondering what they do in there that they
had to brick up the windows!

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