Sunday, March 13, 2011


Down by the riverside
The Box didn't cover too many miles this weekend because our daughter Sarah and her children were here, and we used Sarah's van to get around as a group. We took the kids to the State Museum of Pennsylvania as their educational field trip.

On the way, we drove down the west side of the Susquehanna River to see the high water. At West Fairview, we parked and walked down to Front Street and found it already partially covered.

The big attraction at the museum was a mastodon discovered in 1968 in Monroe County and just recently reassembled in the snazzy new exhibit. We also visited the general exhibits, and the kids were truly interested in everything we saw. If you have not been to the museum with your kids yet, give it a try. It is open free of charge on the third Saturday each month.

In search of post cards
The next day the kids went to see their great-grandmother and take her to lunch. At about the same time, I met Jesse, a friend from PHMC days, at a post card show held at the Linglestown American Legion. A local organizer gets together dealers from all over, and there are thousands and thousands of cards and other ephemera (look at up) to choose from.

Dealers galore
Being cheap, I headed to the 25-cent table and found some unusual night images of downtown Harrisburg, dating from the early 1900s. I also got some beautiful linen cards featuring the Pennsylvania Turnpike for Susanne.

Jesse was looking for cards of Progress, the area where he is a relatively new resident, but alas, found only one card with the word Progress on it, but it was a view that was not recognizable. It might have been Walnut Street, the main drag through that area. Anyway, it was $35.00. So no sale!

My purchases
On Sunday morning the Box took me to church, and after that to lunch with my sister Rachel. Seeing the high water in the river on the way back to I-81, I just stayed on Front Street and went the whole way down to Shipoke, a city neighborhood, to see the river close up. I had to dodge the geese hanging around there, then took some photos and video around the old railroad bridge that crosses the river there.

Fortunately, the flood predicted in the Shipoke area did not materialize, and friends from church who live there escaped yet another watery disruption.

 The mastodon exhibit.

Cole with William Penn's Bible and the Great Law of 1683.

Chloe liked the stage coach and log road.

Everyone checks out the big Pennsylvania map outside.

After the post card show, I headed to Home Depot.
On the way, the Box saw himself in the chrome on the car ahead.

At church, our musician Eric played the harpsicord.

Flowers brighten the Atrium of the church.

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