Friday, November 12, 2010


The Box seen from the top of Mt. Everest.
Our son Matt was out of town on (monkey) business, and his wife Marylee had to work, so we had the pleasure of buzzing down to the Baltimore area to spend the day with our grandson Ian. We left Harrisburg around 7:00 a.m. and arrived in Perry Hall at 8:30 or so.

We parked the Box, climbed Mt. Everest (the front steps), and encountered a locked door. Susanne called, "Ian...!" and soon the door was opened by the little tyke. He welcomed us with a big smile.

Soon mommy left for work, and the day began. Ian entertains himself a lot of the time, playing with his toys. He likes to play with his train set. It's amazing that so many kids have rarely seen a train or ridden on one, yet they love the idea of hooking up the cars and moving them around the track. Susanne read some books with him and some Christmas toy catalogs, too. Ian chose a ton of stuff for Santa to bring.

Two-fisted drinker.
Susanne made grilled cheese and baked French fries for lunch, and we enjoyed lunch and conversation. Ian wolfed down his sandwich and drank both white and organic chocolate milk. During this time he took advantage of the quiet time to explain Einstein's theory of relativity, interrupted by the occasional hiccough.

After lunch there was more play, and then everyone zonked out for a nap. At least we grandparents did, although through my sleep I could hear Ian over the child monitor making noises, speaking, and singing when he should have been sleeping.

Marylee arrived home around 5:00 p.m., and soon we headed to the nearby diner for something to eat. A woman in the next booth stopped to say she was surprised there was a little boy in our booth since he was so quiet and well-behaved that she was unaware of him. The minute she left, his second personality (we think there may be more) appeared. "Mr. Whiney" didn't like things much and ended up banging his head on the wall so he could get a free sprinkled-laden cookie.

Ian wore his backpack to dinner.
When it was time to leave, "Mr. Whiney" disappeared and Ian was back in charge. He ran down the ramp at the diner (much to Papi's horror), gave everyone kisses, and set off for home. Susanne and I headed north, with a stop for gas in Shrewsbury, and for donuts at the Valley Green exit store of Maple Donuts. We have long ago discovered that the Box will not pass a donut shop without stopping, so we just don't fight it.

Meemaw and Ian check out the 
Christmas catalog that came in the paper.

  Ian uses the crane to load his train car.

Ian and Papi watch an action-packed
episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Meanwhile, a yard crew is doing some
pruning of the crepe myrtle out front.

The cool, shiny 50s-style diner is just down the road.

Traditional burger for Papi.
A gyro for Meemaw.

A mushroom omelette for Marylee.

And pancakes for Ian.

 Mom helped to cut up the pancake.

Mr. Whiney with his consolation cookie.

Tasty desserts were offered but declined.

No cake, either. What willpower!

 I want that BIG donut on the roof, but they 
just won't sell it!

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