Tuesday, November 9, 2010


As I left a meeting tonight at the church, my friend Wilmer gazed upon the little silver beauty we call "The Box," and gushed, "It's so ugly, it's cute!" I could tell he was sort of sweet on the thing. He peered into the window (mercifully, it is tinted so he was unable to see how messy it is in there), and then we agreed that he should join me in a jaunt one of these days. I suggested that he sit in the back to test the leg room and suspension, and when he has to yell "Stop!" while bouncing up and down, I will yell back, "We did! Five minutes ago!"

Well, Wilmer sees the charm of that plain little Box (called by some Scion owners "my toaster"), but other guys like something a little more, well, decorative. I found some pictures on the Internet to illustrate what I mean. Here they are without comment.

These last two are "concept cars," where the 
designers try out all sorts of ideas. The orange one
looks like it drove under a low bridge.

Put a tall handle and a bag on it and voilĂ ,
a yellow Electrolux!

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