Sunday, November 28, 2010


After our trip to Lititz on "Black Friday," we spent the rest of the day with Matt, Marylee, and Ian. The three cousins had a quiet day at home. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. As all kids do, they found that the number of toys on the floor is equal to the amount of fun to be had. They played a game called "Let's Chase Each Other and Scream." They also exchanged Christmas gifts since they will not see each other then.

The kids spent time on Matt's lap, enjoying the miracle of the iPad. There was some sort of cat who purred when you rubbed its tummy and repeated things you said in a cat voice. All of the kids tried to make it say things, but I heard only one response from the cat. Once it was bedtime, the adults spent some time clearing the floor and then enjoying some adult conversation. Marylee read through house plans and told us that her parents were embarking on a Caribbean cruise.

On Saturday morning, the Box hauled me to Market Square Church, where I joined other members of the worship and music committee in putting up some seasonal decorations.

The team was placing wreaths around the walls and hung them outside, too. Two tempting white boxes were displayed in the atrium -- sticky buns with and without nuts. I enjoyed a cup of coffee but somehow did not have time for a bun. Can you imagine that?

Phyllis and Wilmer
My job was to assemble the Advent wreath and find the candles. Wouldn't you know, there was one screw missing -- one that held the candle cup onto the brass ring. So off I headed to the local hardware for a time-consuming and frustrating search for the screw. Finally located among the thousands of choices, I returned to the church and finished the assembly. (I was happy on Sunday morning when the whole thing held together for the service.) Now we have five extra screws!

As the crew began to finish up, I grabbed a sweeper and went to work on the needles lying all over the carpet. Decorations are a messy affair!

I got home in time to find the family going to a bowling alley to meet my sister Rachel and her husband Jack. Rachel and Jack bowl regularly, and Jack is the best. Rachel knocked down all but one pin much of the time, The rest turned in uneven performances! Cole is in a bowling league and has his own bowling ball. His team has advanced to the next level in the league.

I needed some time to gather my wits and then gas up the Box before heading over there myself. Things were in full swing when I arrived. I watched the fun, took some pictures, and had a good time. Ian used a neat contraption, a metal frame with a sort of sliding board section. He placed the ball on the top and gave it a shove down the alley. Sometimes he knocked down a few pins! Chloe and Cole each had their own unique styles.

Afterwards, Matt and Marylee took Ian home for a nap, as he was feeling down due to a cold and runny nose. In sympathy, the rest of us went to Friendly's for ice cream!

When we arrived home, we learned that Matt and Marylee had decided it was best to take Ian home early so he could feel better in his own surroundings. You all know how good your own bed feels when you're sick. So off they went, and the rest of the day was pretty uneventful, with the two leftover cousins playing computer games like old pros.

On Sunday morning, I went off to church after saying good-bye to Sarah and the kids. I was lugging the Communion table's fair linen, which I had ironed and rolled up with Sarah's help, and three dozen cookies I had baked and iced for the youth group's cookie sale.

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