Thursday, October 29, 2009


The day started with some volunteer time in the choir library at Market Square Church. On the way out of the garage, I stopped to take a picture of the dreary view of the Susquehanna River from the Market Square parking garage.

Then the Box and I crossed the river on the historic Market Street Bridge and turned right to go through Wormleysburg to the Summerdale Dinner further upstream.

On the way past the now-wrecked western span of the Walnut Street Bridge, I noticed that workers were beginning work on improving the appearance of the plaza at the end of the bridge. Let's hope someday the missing parts of the span will be replaced (it was destroyed by ice in a winter flood), and this new entrance will welcome people to walk across the river to City Island.

I met my sister Rachel and sister-in-law Wanda at the Summerdale Diner. They were ogling the menu and had concluded that they'd be having breakfast (although it was already 12:30 p.m.). I noticed the time because I had just looked at my watch to see if I was arriving late. Little did I know I'd have other watch options in a very short time!

Breakfast brought some scrapple, eggs, omelet, home fries, pancakes. and coffee. All very delicious. After breakfast, Wanda produced a white box (no, not a Box) and out of it came four treasures -- watches belonging to my dear brother Michael, who died two years ago.

Michael loved watches and rings! He had a number of each, some with precious gems. Wanda offered all of the watches to me, which I was happy to accept. They were all special to Mike, so they are special to me. I have one on now, as I am typing this. I was really pleased that Wanda was so thoughtful.

We had a nice conversation and helped Rachel to narrow down her choices for paint colors in her dining room (they will no doubt change several times before the job is done) and then went our separate ways: Rachel to the paint store for even more samples, Wanda to find out why her BRAKE light was on, and I home to count out my pills in my new 30 day pill box!

On Interstate 81, the Box and I came across a "descendant" of the Box -- a 2009 silver Scion. The Box kept pulling to the right for a closer look, and I think I heard him mumbling something about "all those curvy corners -- what's the matter with kids these days?!"

All in all, a pleasant and productive day.

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