Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Yesterday was my birthday. Not a significant one, so I won't say which! Let's just say that a birthday cake would have provided enough candlepower to illuminate a small city for a day. It was also Matt and Marylee's wedding anniversary. Congrats to them!

Since Susanne is in San Francisco with Matt, Marylee, and Ian, I spent most of the day alone, waiting for the evening, when I was invited to dinner with some friends.

The day started with a visit to the blood lab on Linglestown Road to get checked for med levels. Almost as if it were a birthday present, there was no one else there when I arrived. Then, the stick was absolutely painless. It was all over in five minutes. A good start to the day, except for the endless snaking through roadwork in that area of Route 39. The Box handled itself admirably, I have to say.

On the way home, I drove down Front Street looking for some river views to photograph, but alas, there was nothing to be had. I rode past a lovely 1940s Colonial Revival house for sale in Montrose Park. I might buy it just because it is so cute.

Next, we stopped at Stauffer's of Kissel Hill to check out the fall decorations. Again, I was the sole customer, so I had the place to myself. I thought maybe there was going to be a surprise party for me when an armored truck arrived (to pick up all the pumpkin money?), but I was disappointed. I did enjoy taking some dandy pictures of some of the plants there.

When I got home, I planted a hydrangea and some other bushes and plants that had decorated the porch this summer. The days are getting short for planting, and I wanted to get it done when it was not raining (for a change). I removed the hoses from the new outside spigots or "bibs" and put them in the garage, along with all the tools I had been using.

The rest of the day was forgettable until Mike Deno of Copper Sun Design Group stopped by to take accurate measurements of our basement. Copper Sun is going to suggest a plan for dividing the open basement into living space and storage/laundry space. They are a great company (they built our back porch and patios), and it's always nice to see one of them here. Unfortunately, I could not talk Mike into taking some our basement junk home with him.

Soon after Mike left, the Box and I headed  into the city to dine as guest of two of our best friends, Guy and Lindsay. I enjoyed a few minutes at their posh Capitol-area home, and then we headed for Scott's Grille on Locust Street.

I had a delicious house salad, followed by Parmesan-encrusted chicken breast, pan-roasted potatoes, and sugar peas. There was so much food that I took some home and enjoyed it for dinner tonight. That's me on the left, Guy in the center, and Lindsay on the right.

Coffee and conversation finished the evening. We walked back to the car, parked near the Capitol, and tried to leave quietly so we did not wake the lady sleeping nearby on the sidewalk.

Once home, I indulged in a piece of birthday sugar-free fat-free chocolate cream pie. I listened to voice mail and found birthday greetings from Sarah, Cole, and Chloe, and opened some very nice cards in the day's mail. Happy birthday to me!

Here are some additional photos from my day:

No one here but the Box.

Ah, here comes my birthday surprise -- the armored truck.

Pink kale.

Flowering indoor plant.

Pumpkins ready for carving.

White kale.

Kale and posies.


Sunset over Wesley Drive.

Beautiful apples at Guy and Lindsay's.

The Box parked near the State Capitol.

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