Friday, January 6, 2012


The days since Christmas have been filled with various activities and short trips in the area with the Box and its younger but bigger sibling the Sienna. Here's a brief recap for you rabid Box fans.

We decided to head south to Lancaster on December 28 to visit the Mennonite Historical Society on Rt. 30 east of Lancaster city. I had read about an exhibit and sale of Pennsylvania German-style crafts there.

Our day started at Roxy's Café at Third and North Streets in Harrisburg. It's across from the State Museum building, so I ate there often when I worked. Roxy's has the best Rachel sandwich around, so that's what I had! Susanne had something that I don't recall. I think there was soup involved.

 Roxy's has the smallest sink in the world in the men's room!

Leaving the restaurant, I took this photo of the Pennsylvania State Capitol, located just across the street from Roxy's.

Interestingly, I came across a similar vintage photo today (January 6) in a bookstore in midtown. It looks to me like we two photographers stood in approximately the same spot many years apart.

Soon we were driving down the highway until we came across the historical society.

This elegant jar with a lid was the first thing that caught my eye.

These wooden rolling pins are for making different widths of noodles!

I liked this small piece of redware with its traditional decoration. Looking at it now, I should have bought it!

This grain-painted mirror was attractive. I like the small one to the right, also, with the black corner pieces that are used to hide imperfect miters. The corner pieces are decorative, too.

Next to the sales room was a small museum with really nice antiques portraying, in this photo, Mennonite life at home in the "old days."

Here's the "church" exhibit. Imagine the hymn singing.

And, of course, the "school" exhibit.

This colorful teapot and cup were on display.

Susanne and I both liked this beautiful quilted piece.

Finally, we were taken by the beauty and simplicity of this Mennonite wedding dress with its exquisite needlework.

After enjoying the folk art show and the museum, we drove a block or so down the road to the Rockvale Outlets to visit the Pottery Barn outlet.

We came across our friend Gloria S., who worked with me at the Historical and Museum Commission and is a Box fan. We also chatted with a woman who dated my brother in high school. Small world, isn't it?

Our next stop was at Hershey Farm Restaurant around the corner on the road to Strasburg. I think it was our last visit there. You can read why here. Not even the whoopie pies interested me!

And, frankly, in the restaurant's gift shop, I thought ol' Lizzie here looked just a little too pert and perky for a Plain girl!

Having returned home without incident, in the evening I made a little treat of cherry croissants to enjoy with coffee in the glow of the fireplace.

And so ends the fourth day of Christmas.

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