Thursday, November 3, 2011


I wanted to share this with you because I never expected to hear from this gentlemen. His email arrived today. You might want  to read this older entry first.  

"I read your blog about your several trips to the Cove Barn Antiques Flea Market in Duncannon. I am one of the vendors in the Barn. I am the beared-one behind the counter. 
"I am glad that you have picked up some items that interest you. We are only open Sundays because the barn is constantly under construction and the owners, Dave and Joan, are out gathering other goodies the other days.  
"We close in January and February because the barn is currently not heated or air-conditioned, plus the owners and the vendors need a vacation. 
Please introduce yourself at your next visit.  Thank you for all the good comments you made about the Barn. 
"Also I have a spot in the Sledworks [antiques mall]. This is not my full time job. I work 9-5 for the State. Hope to see you soon."

(Signed) BAW
Well, I guess this is fan mail, when you think about it! Fan mail, I say!

Through Facebook comes this proof that grandson Cole really can bowl up a storm when he puts his mind to it (as we proposed in a recent entry).

Way to go, Cole! Keep your eye on those pins!

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