Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today was a pleasant day weather-wise after a rainy week. The day started with a drive downtown to Market Square Church. I attended the Adult Forum class to hear a presentation on the meaning of artist Salvador Dali's "The Sacrament of the Last Supper." After an introduction to the "whacko" life of the artist, the speaker pointed out the features of the painting that makes it such a compelling work of art.

I had to leave the presentation early for the regular morning rehearsal of the adult choir. We sing two or more pieces each week, so a last-minute rehearsal is important.

Our director, Eric Riley, received rave reviews from the audience and city newspaper for his organ performance in Saint-Saƫns' "Organ" Symphony last night. After church today, Eric would be returning to the Forum auditorium to repeat his performance for the Sunday audience.

People were telling Eric he was "spot on," echoing the newspaper reviewer's assessment of his fabulous playing.

My sister Rachel and I usually have lunch together after church, and today we crossed the river for lunch and a visit to the Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne. Today there was a wine and cheese reception (I chewed on some ice, and Rachel guzzled wine like there was no tomorrow -- NOT) and discounts in all of the vendor's booths.

Rachel bought a bracelet, but I was able to escape without parting with any money. This is a specialty of mine.

I enjoyed looking at a lot of different things, and my achin' feet are proof of that. I ran into a young man named Steve, a friend of a friend, who does architectural salvage. He had a little room full of wooden and metal trim from buildings, stained glass, religious articles, and all sorts of good "junk." If I can help him find out who owns it, he might be able to retrieve something I would like to own from a building I know!

As I was looking at an oil portrait of a matronly lady, I turned and saw my friend Michael, with whom I worked at the PHMC. He was looking dapper, as usual, and told me all the latest news from the state's official history agency. We agreed it was time to have lunch soon (so that he could add the juicy details).

Well, my feet were giving out, so I headed for the Box, only to discover that the little smarty had driven himself out of the lot and across the street to do a little canoodling with a Hot Diva, who was wearing a very pretty little dress. You'll see pictures below.

I drove over the railroad in Lemoyne, turned right, passed through the famous Bottleneck, and right again on to the Market Street Bridge. The view of downtown was nice, so I stopped, put on the flashers, and took a picture.

Because the light was good and there were some great cloud formations in the sky, I drove up Third Street, which was alive with pedestrians and shoppers at Midtown Books, and took some photos of the Broad Street Market brick building and the newly-restored building that now is part of Harrisburg Area Community College's midtown campus, taking note of several other improvements that have sprung up in the neighborhood.

I could tell the Box was bored so I drove immediately to the Interstate and let him exercise his full power. I could hardly hear the radio over the roar of his monster engine. I think he was still thinking about the Diva.

Photos, top to bottom:  
1. A stained glass window in the narthex at Market Square Church is reflected in the leaded glass of the door into the nave, where the service is taking place.
2. Eric Riley, organist and choir director, is seen at the organ console during a quiet moment in the service.

3. The matronly lady. I was tempted to take her home. I bet she knew my mother!
4. My sister Rachel is one among many beautiful flowers outside the Antiques Marketplace in Lemoyne.

This vintage wooden speedboat will set you
back a little over $37,000.

Colorful Fiestaware always attracts my attention.

Above and below: I got a hoot out of
this old greeting card,
meant for a 1950s woman to

send to a close friend. This garment
often seen on the clotheslines of our uptown neighborhood!

A beautiful stoneware jug from New York state.

Miniature reproduction wooden chests.

Toys from my youth are now antiques.

These tin candle holders are meant
to stand on the floor. They looked Mexican to me.

The sun cast its eye on this collection
of cranberry glass and upholstery in a similar color.

I love these architectural plaster of Paris
clocks, from the 1940s, I'd guess. Michael, what do you think?

Here is the Box cozying up to some crazy
Hot Diva along the street.

The Diva was sporting this pretty design.

Here is the view from the Market Street Bridge.
I made it black and white because I thought it was more interesting.

The brick market house and its plaza.

The old Evangelical Press Building is now the
center of HACC's midtown campus. It's a
great adaptive re-use and spurred other
improvements in the area.

Note: Okay, I am done trying to make these darned captions line up and behave themselves! Hope you enjoyed.

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