Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today the Box (aka the "LECmobile") was shivering in its boots as it waited for me outside Chevrolet, Honda, and Nissan dealerships on Harrisburg's Paxton Street, where you can buy almost any brand of car from numerous dealers.

I was just curious about what cars similar to the Box were like. We all know I love that little car and its boxy shape. Still, it's entering middle age, and one must think ahead.

First I went to look at a Chevy Equinox. "Matt" opened the showroom door for me. I could have sworn I heard someone in the back office calling out, "Next victim." I told Matt that at Toyota, they come out and open your car door. Anyway, he found me an Equinox to try, but it felt a bit claustrophobic.

Next stop was the Honda dealer to see the Element. There, "Mykel" rushed to claim me. Apparently the new thing is to get as much information from a potential customer as possible before allowing him or her to sit in the vehicle. I was tempted to sign in as "Norman Maine," which I often do at real estate open houses.

The Element is a bit larger than the Box but almost as boxy. The sample I saw was a "dog friendly" model, with dog bones embossed in the rubber flooring, and a special covering on the back seat. It was supposed to repel dog hair, I think. Where does it go, then? The Element was cool, I have to admit.
Further down the street, the Box waited patiently as I looked at the Nissan showroom. The salesman, "Craig," was nearly as tall as I am and persuaded me to try a sedan in which he was comfortable. Again with the claustrophobia.

Instead, I gravitated toward the Cube, which looks like a Scion that ate a little too much and "filled out" a bit. It was roomy inside, had some cool gadgets, and the best of all, a side-hinged back door instead of a door that lifts up into the same space your head wants to occupy. I think I would like to go back and test drive that one, and the Element, too.

At least I would not have to change the name of this blog. Who wants to read www.whereintheworldisthelowslungaerodynamicallyshapedcar

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