Saturday, April 3, 2010


The Box was up bright and early today on the way to Market Square Church to join others in decorating the church for Easter Sunday. It's hard to believe the amount of work that goes into that project. First, the flowers have to be unloaded from the truck and wrapped with green foil.
A huge system of shelving is constructed to hold the many plants that were donated. That, of course, has to be brought up from the catacombs under the church, as far away as possible. The palms needed to be watered, too.

The Easter banner had to be brought up and installed on the front wall of the church, and the smaller banners at one of the entrances, too. We also removed some parts of the anniversary display so that people could more easily move out into the columbarium and front of the church to see the new peace pole and planters there.

In the meantime Eric the Organist and Tom the Sexton were busy making their preparations for the big day.

All of that took three hours, and I was bushed! I headed home, but not before stopping at the Broad Street Market to buy some fudge for my brother-in-law Jack. I'm going to Jack and Rachel's for dinner tomorrow. Alas, there was no chocolate fudge in the whole place! I do enjoy stopping there to see the great variety of people meeting and greeting each other.

On the way out of town, I made a stop at the historic Harrisburg Cemetery, where some of Harrisburg's most distinguished citizens are at rest, including members of our own family. The old flowering trees and the varied grave markers make it an interesting place to visit. I recommend a day like today if you go.

As I drove out State Street, I got the idea of getting some fudge at Zimmerman's candy and nut shop in Penbrook. You know, I can never find anything in that little town. The streets are all at angles and criss-cross everywhere. I finally spied the nearby church and headed toward that to find the shop. Guess what -- about a ton of chocolate there, but none in the form of fudge. Sorry, Jack!

A quick stop at Karns for some milk and cereal, and then home to put my feet up. I got a phone call from WHTM TV27 responding to my invitation to get some footage at Market Square Church tomorrow morning, since this is the congregation's 150th Easter in the current building. Jim Brown, the pastor, agreed to speak with the camera crew at 10:30 a.m.

Oh, I also sent out our Easter greeting to friends and family through email. It has a picture of the Resurrection Window at Market Square and a verse from a hymn by Martin Luther.

Now I am watching Moses' mother get squished under a huge stone for the one millionth time in The Ten Commandments.

The plants have arrived, and construction
of the platform begins.
The tiers are covered with white cloths.

The plants are carefully placed.

A beautiful Easter display emerges.

The Broad Street Market dates from 1860.

A Mennonite family runs this meat stand.

The Box stops by the weeping cherry trees.

Another scenic view in the cemetery.

Finally found -- Zimmerman's in Penbrook.

The blog always shows food! Here's an
Easter basket at Karns',  made out of cupcakes.

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