Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today, the PHMC Executives in Exile got together for lunch in Mount Joy, Lancaster County.

Just who are the EIE? Well, once upon a time, we were pretty high up at the State's official history agency. We were members of the Executive Staff and reported to the Executive Director. I was the press secretary, Gloria was the marketing director, and Marcia and Joan ran the Pennsylvania Heritage Society. Edie, who was on her way home from Texas today and unable to attend, was legislative liaison.

Gloria was the first to wise up and moved on to greener pastures outside the agency. When Gov. Rendell moved to town, things changed. Edie was exiled to the Bureau for Historic Preservation (where she became a shining light, doling out millions of dollars). Mr. Rendell canned all the press secretaries, and I was exiled to the Division of History to run the historical marker program. Marcia and Joan's office had already been moved to the Keystone Building -- the place to which Edie and I had been sent. Thus we became Executives in Exile, banished from the fabled Fifth Floor of the State Museum building..

In the several years since we all departed the agency, we've managed to stay friends and keep in touch with lunch at Roxy's, opposite the museum, as one of our favorite activities. We also get together occasionally with our spouses.

Gloria, however, lives far away in Lancaster, and spends a lot of her time in Florida, too. So we have not gotten to see her so much. Thus we were delighted by her invitation to meet midway for lunch. We went to the Country Table in Mount Joy. The menu looked extensive, but I don't think anyone was blown away by the food we ordered today. The highlight may have been the hot cross bun, a rather odd accompaniment, I thought, for our meals, but tasty nonetheless.

We swapped photos and brought each other up to date, spending way more time than we expected to. After making plans to meet with our spouses and stopping in the restaurant's overpriced bakery, we headed our separate ways. It was lots of fun.

Oh, and I even vacuumed out the Box so it would not be too disgusting for Joan and Marcia to ride in. I thought of taking it through the carwash, but I am too cheap.

Bakery goodies
Apple pie


Easter egg cake

Shamrock cookies

Icing with a bun under it

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