Thursday, March 11, 2010


Since we have more money than we know what to do with, we hopped into the Box today and roared up to the Farm Show Building to look at all the wonderful and expensive things at the annnual Builders' Show.

There is just about everything you could want there, from a whole house to a water faucet. We picked up names of  several firms who do things like basement remodeling, kitchen updating, porch railings, garage doors, and the like.

It was nicely laid out this year, with less walking around than before. I have done tourism trade shows, and it's no fun, but I am always amazed at the number of vendors who sit in their booths, for which they have paid a small fortune, and never even make eye contact with you -- even if you are lingering around their exhibit. Others are too pushy, and many just right.
(l) Susanne said this display reminded her of me -- a big drip!
The Farm Show Building is looking nice, too, with fresh paint and improved rest rooms. The only thing I do not like is paying to go into a place to buy something! And parking was $8.00! Now I see why people park on the Rt. 22 bypass hill and walk to the events. I tried to get Susanne to drop me off and go park on that hill, but she would not do it. Was that so much to ask?

We thought this stove was cool.

This display was colorful and made me want a barn.

Susanne always loves a log house.

The gazebos and pavilions were nice.

So were the landscaping displays.
I like the sound of running water.

On the way home, we encountered this Scion wannabe.

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