Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Recently I stopped into the Scion/Toyota dealer just down the road from us to take a look at the new Scion iQ. It's Scion's answer to the Smartcar. The one I saw was blazing orange and quite fetching.

After a quick walk-around, I decided to inspect the interior.

"Go on, get in," said the salesman.

I opened the driver's side door and started lowering my posterior into the seat. About half way there, I banged my head into the roof, then doubled over enough to sit on the edge of the seat with my head and feet outside the car.

"There's plenty of headroom in there," the salesman said. I told him that there was no way I could get in there, thank you very much.

I wonder why car manufacturers can't make a hinged panel in the roof over the door that would fold up when the door opened (think modified DeLorean), allowing the driver to enter, and then fold back down when the door closes. That extra space would allow tall people to get in these zippy little cars!

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