Sunday, February 12, 2012


My daughter-in-law Marylee, who lives in Baltimore, loves to read the "police blotter" in the Harrisburg newspaper when she comes to visit. In Baltimore, of course, one might read of a murder here and a murder there, enormous retail thefts, body parts found floating in the Inner Harbor, and so forth. Here she found much more benign sorts of crimes for the most part, such as someone reporting that during the night persons unknown had come up on their porch and spit on their chair.

Of course, I started to read the blotter, and recently came across an item that reminded me of something of which I might actually be accused (you all know how many pictures of donuts have appeared in this blog, second only to...say it with me...whoopie pies!). So, here for a laugh is an article that might be written about me some day.

Just click on the photo to enlarge it for easier reading.

So what do you think? Here was a guy who went a little crazy for some donuts. I hope they were worth it! Who leaves the getaway vehicle behind and runs away?!

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