Friday, December 9, 2011


Ian heads off to his private lesson.
It's always nice to answer the phone and hear the voice of one of your children inviting you to visit. Recently, Matt called from the Baltimore area and invited us to come down to watch three-and-a-half year old Ian take a swimming lesson at the local Y.

Naturally, we accepted and on November 19 we headed south on I-83 to the Baltimore area to see the little tyke splashing about in the pool as he learned to stay afloat. Susanne took the van, and I took the Box, because she was staying over to babysit while I came home to go to church the next morning.

The Y was in a mall and was very well-equipped. I enjoyed watching other people sweating on their treadmills and stair machines.

Waiting for lunch.
After the swim, we had a great lunch and then drove to a housing development where Matt and Marylee have "ordered up" a home for themselves. It's now under construction, and while we could not tour it, we were able to see the model (with the same floor plan) all decorated and furnished. To everyone's surprise, Marylee's parents, Pat and Tom, also came to see the model while we were there. We were able to stake out our own "in-law" areas so there won't be any fighting when we all are ancient and move in there to live off the children.

The future Robinson Manor.
The house promises to be lovely when completed, and we're nearly as anxious for that as Matt and Marylee! Matt and Marylee were going out to dinner with friends, so Susanne stayed over with Ian, and I headed home, stopping only at Maple Donuts for, well, a donut. Alright, two, to be more exact. They made a tasty breakfast.

 Take a look at some other pictures from our visit:

Learning to stay afloat is a primary skill.

 The two prettiest girls at the Y.

 Dad keeps in touch on his "gadget"
during Ian's lesson.
Another good-looking pair.


 I think Ian was playing a game of some sort
as we waited for lunch.
I got a charge out of these servings of beverages. 
Why bother with refills!

Here is the "great room" next to the kitchen
in the model home.

 Susanne and Marylee check out the kitchen.
The eating area is to the right and looks out onto the yard.
The two story entrance. Don't look at me
when it comes time to wash that window!

Ian, Matt, and Susanne enjoy a moment in
the master bedroom.

Ian sits on a pile of towels in the shower.

As we came downstairs we found Marylee's parents
and posed for a photo. Then we divvied up the space
we'll need when we are ready for "the home."
Back at home, we enjoy a meal with Ian as 
Matt and Marylee prepare for an evening out.

On my way home, I began to lose control of the Box
as I neared the Valley Green exit of I-83. All on its own,
the Box veered off the road and into the parking lot of 
Maple Donuts.

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