Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday I went to the farm market at the State Farm Show Building to buy some fresh produce for Susanne. Her book club members were coming for dinner later in the day. I bought apples and cukes, and zucchini, and other sorts of things ladies eat, then took a look around. Here are pictures of the things that interested me most:

 There were chrysanthemums galore.

I was surprised by the huge variety of apples.
These were only a few of them.

Obviously, someone had beat me to the
basket of whoopie pies being sold by 
the Mennonite lady.

Here are the members of the book club, enjoying their
meal before their in-depth study of the book they had chosen,
including its meaning and impact on the  cultural mores of
twenty-first century global society.
Photograph by Susanne.

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