Monday, May 23, 2011


The Box has been busy in the last couple of days, zooming here and there. This is a little picture story of where we've been together. (And still drawing admiring stares, I might add. Is it me or the Box they're looking at so admiringly?)

 Lunching at Roxy's CafĂ©, opposite the State Museum.

 Admiring our reflection in an office window in Shipoke.

 Taking a tour with new board members at the 
Harris-Cameron Mansion.

 Discovering a secret liquor cabinet
in the Mansion.

Welcoming new board members, including Matt's
friend Erik Fasick, on the right.
 Visiting a consignment shop with this 1950s
English taxi for sale -- another boxy car!

 Recalling the "Colonial" furniture of the early 1970s
in the consignment shop.

 Admiring the authentic Heywood-Wakefield dining room pieces. 
During the 1930s and 1940s Heywood-Wakefield began 
producing furniture using sleek designs based on French Art Deco.

 Enjoying the compactness of this couch.

 Noticing that little silver cars rock in front of 
the doctor's office!

 House-sitting again this weekend in Hershey.

Liking the old Royal typewriter
in the black and white bedroom
of the model home.

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