Friday, February 11, 2011


Today is the 128th anniversary of the last day of operations of Cornwall Iron Furnace, Lebanon County, in 1883. On this day for 28 years, I have been phoning the staff at the Furnace to wish them a "Happy Last Blast Day!"  I knew you'd want to know!

Rachel and Susanne arriving at the market.
The Box has taken this same trip before, but it was pleasant and worth repeating! Susanne is going out to babysit the grandchildren while Sarah attends a meeting in Pittsburgh, so I asked Sarah if she'd like to have one of those spectacular chocolate shoofly pies we find once in a while in our area. It's far from standard fare, but I discovered that a Mennonite-owned bakery in a local farmers' market usually had one or two on Saturdays. But you have to get there early or they are snapped up.

So, my sister Rachel joined us at 9:00 a.m. and we headed east of U.S. 22 to Pa. 743 at Grantville. On the way I agreed to stop at Turkey Hill, a convenience store, so Susanne could get some much-needed coffee. Forget the pies, the coffee was more important! The little woman was none too happy as the Box glided silently past the Turkey Hill. "Oops," I said, and even offered to turn around and go back. But the pies were given a reprieve, and we headed forward.

The pies are packaged for the trip to New Brighton.
The market is located near an old barn on the corner and is housed in two large pole buildings. We headed to the second one, made a bee-line to the bakery, and bought two pies for Sarah. Now, Sarah is on a diet. She brags daily on Facebook about how much she is losing. So why did she ask for two pies? Perhaps she is on the "binge and gorge" diet. But then again, she might be trying to buy her co-workers friendship since she is so unlikable.

Anyway, after the pies, Susanne bought coffee, and we stopped in the Amish furniture dealer's stand at the very back of the room. We admired a wooden kitchen island similar to the one we had seen at Leonard's Oak World not too long ago. It had a poplar top stained cherry and the cabinet section was painted black. It has twp drawers and two shelves below with cabinet doors hiding them. And it was less than half of Leonard's price!

The kitchen island.
We talked to the owner of the stand, who said that the makers could add six inches to the height, making the drawers deeper. This will make it easier for me to work and sit at! We left a deposit and await its arrival.

Next came a little bit of breakfast. I forget what Susanne had, but I wolfed down an egg and cheese wrap. It was small. Rachel had already eaten breakfast so ate nothing. What will power! Personally, I have none, and so bought a whoopie pie -- just one, honest -- to have when I inevitably got hungry.

We wandered through the remaining stalls and took some pictures. Next door, the women bought fruits and vegetables and something called cheese volcano bread.

We headed home, using Old Jonestown Road, through Shellsville. There we came upon a little shop of treasures where we have bought stuff before at a previous location. The owner, Dawn, scours the countryside and finds stuff from old barns and houses. She arranges it imaginatively in an outbuilding next to her house.

The Box is the sole occupant of the parking lot at the shop.
The door was unlocked. We went in and found the place empty except for a propane heater spewing forth flames and heat. It was like a hot air balloon was taking off in there! Soon Dawn's husband appeared and said she would be out in a minute since she had seen us drive up.

Susanne bought a heavy pottery butter dish (everyone needs one, you know). I admired a piece of redware but, unlike Susanne, was able to resist. Rachel almost bought something  but came to her senses, too. Still, we enjoyed our visit and even invited the owner to come over and see our junk some day!

Susanne was taken by these colorful baskets.

I was taken by these whoopie pies.

This cake reminds me of slip-trailed redware pottery.

This beautiful birdhouse has 'apartments' 
for a number of bird families.

The wrap stand also had nice looking quiches-in-a-case.

Rachel and Susanne enjoy a moment at the café.

I think I was thinking about that whoopie pie in my pocket.

One stand offers Polish pottery.

Peanut butter fudge!

Colorful Sixlets, whatever they are!

Believe it or not, these are doggie treats.

Would you pay $40 for a jar of truffle flour?

Susanne uses the magic money machine.

Rachel buys some strawberries and grapes
for a party she will attend the next day.

This row of Adirondack chairs looked appealing.

An attractive outdoorsy display in the Shellsville shop.


A crackled-paint old dresser.

Dawn poses with Susanne, "the sure thing."

I thought this Iranian carpet was beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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