Saturday, May 29, 2010


This entry is all about food. Sarah and friend Brian came from New Brighton for a visit, and we went out to a cool restaurant at Lickdale, Lebanon County. It's called Woods Creek Grill, and besides good food, they have many large critters (or parts of them) standing around looking over your shoulder. The idea was to make Brian, the hunter and fisherman, feel at home.

We parked the Box, known more these days as the LECmobile, in the lot beside the grill, and found we were in a lovely park-like setting, including a meandering stream with wooden bridges. It was idyllic, with that glow you get in the sky towards the end of the day.

We were seated quickly (Susanne had called ahead and asked to sit in the shadow of the brown bear she saw on their Web site) and ordered drinks. Next came the appetizers, then salads followed by entrées, and concluding with dessert -- the whole nine yards!

The waitress was very efficient and helpful, and the food was delicious. Afterwards, we went upstairs to see additional critters holding still for all to see. There were a ram and a turkey, a moose, a wolf, and several bears. Norman Bates would've loved it!

On the way home, we detoured from I-81 at the Indiantown Gap exit and drove past the entrance to the National Cemetery, spotted the Pennsylvania Lt. Governor's home, and then saw the World War II-era barracks and some retired tanks, planes, and helicopters.

Back on the interstate, we zipped back to the Linglestown Road exit and drove toward Linglestown so Sarah could pick up a big pepperoni pizza that she was taking back to a friend in New Brighton. It was weird to drive through town, where they are rebuilding the street, adding storm sewers and water pipes, and preparing to install curbs! The place looks barren, because they have removed all of the trees, and all traffic flows in only one direction. Hopefully, a nice village setting will emerge when the project is done.

Now for the pictures of the food!

Brian says these are pigeon wings. Yum.

Fried pickles for Susanne.

Delicious fresh salad.

Portabello mushroom was Susanne's entrée selection.

John chose a steak, something he rarely does. Brian got the same.

Sarah's choice was a cheese steak sub and sweet potato fries.

We shared this berry and cream cheese cake for dessert.

Brian and Sarah wolf down the cake.

This fisherman stood watch by the door.

Sarah makes friends with Mr. Grizzly.

This moose must have been enormous in the wild!

Grrr. Or was it brr?

We were still hungry so we got a pizza to go. Just kidding!

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