Friday, February 5, 2010


Its address is Palmyra, but the newish Farmstead Farmer's Market is nearer to Grantville, at the intersection of Routes 22 and 743. Susanne had gone out there yesterday and told me about a furniture maker who had a stand there.

Anticipating a ton of snow starting tonight and being snowbound tomorrow, I decided to ask the Box for a ride out there this afternoon to see the furniture and whatever other goodies were to be found.

There's a nice old barn near the road, and two new buildings further back. Everything was very neat and clean, and there was a nice mix of food and non-food items.

There were several nice pieces of furniture. We're always looking for more storage, so who knows? I had a nice conversation with a "plain" man from the Shippensburg area. Fortunately for him, he was already planning to stay over with a friend tonight and won't need to brave the snow.

He had some nice wide pieces with shelves and cupboards, as well as a cool kitchen island with stools. He also had the cutest little girl in a pink dress, doing what all kids do to keep busy while they are "helping" mom and dad at work.
Other stands offered coffees of all sorts; wines; baked goods, including a chocolate shoofly pie that I could have sold for a fortune in New Brighton, Pa.; handmade potato chips, and rice krispie treats and Oreos covered with chocolate; bulk foods, and even treats for pets. (I started to wish I were a dog!) There was even a stand with a very large selection of Polish pottery, a very colorful type of folk art from the old country.

As I left the market, a lady in a Honda Civic told me that her cousin has an xB and liked it. I think the Box blinked his parking lights in appreciation.

Garlic Onion potato chips were calling to me!

Whoopie pies and other goodies from Lancaster County.

Bulk foods look tempting.

Woof! Woof! Me want a treat!

Polish pottery gleams in the light.

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