Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It was cold, windy, and dreary today as we drove to Ethel Street to visit the East Shore Area Branch of the county library system. It's undergoing a huge remodeling. The miniscule parking lot has been greatly enlarged as you can see in the photo.

Susanne headed for the fiction and books-on-tape. I stood in line for a while for a chance to use the computerized catalog, but was finally sent over to the "Questions and Answers" lady, who directed me to where I could find books on the Shakers. (My interest has been piqued by our purchase of authentic reproduction Shaker bedroom furniture.)

I am hoping the Box will take us this summer to one of the Shaker villages and museums found throughout the northeast and upper south. Even those this sect, which split from the Quakers, never numbered more than 20,000, they left quite a legacy of building and furniture design and inventions. Did you know that a Shaker woman invented the circular saw? They also invented the slotted spoon and the flat broom we all use today -- even the clothes pin!

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